November Mom of the Month

Instructor, Lauren Lea Warren: "BreAnn fully encapsulates the characteristics of a Fit4Mom mom. She is welcoming, motivated, and dedicated at each and every class. Her glowing spirit and bright smile make you so happy you showed up for class that day. She really brings our village together with her giving nature and her positive outlook on motherhood."

This month we recognize BreAnn Cook for her accomplishment and dedication to fitness, motherhood and life! The Temple FIT4MOM Team would like to express their deepest gratitude and love toward BreAnn for her hospitable nature and "Can Do" attitude!

  • Hometown:

    Belton, TX

  • Current/Previous Career:

    Surgical Technologist/Private Sitter

  • How long have you been a member of Fit4Mom Temple?

  • I have been with Amber since she started Fit4Mom

  • What do you like about Stroller Strides?

  • It has helped me tone, lose inches, and feel more confident about my body. I've met a lot of amazing women. Friends for life! I like the daily interaction for my daughter Pearl and I.

    How has Stroller Strides affected your life?

    It has changed everything! Mind, body, and soul. I feel better every time I go to a class. With lots of laughter, support, and encouragement, it has helped me to lose weight and be healthier. We are a tribe!

  • Tell us about your family:

    Drew & I met (& had our first date!) June 2, 2008

    We got married October 8, 2011

    Our daughter, Pearl, was born October 2, 2013

    Our son, Miller just joined us on November 2, 2016

    We live in Morgan's point resort and have one dog name snickers.

  • List your 3 current obsessions.

    Pedicures, massages and watching heartland and one tree hill on Netflix

    What has surprised you about motherhood?

    That I could love someone more than myself. That I don't mind eating cold food every once in a while. That I don't mind the lack of sleep if it means I'm helping Pearl do something (or to cuddle with her when she isn't feeling good). I survive! It's one of the best things in the world that I get to be their mother. I always knew that I was supposed to be a mother. My friends call me "Mother Bre" for a reason. Lol

    Any tips for other moms out there?

    Be patient with them, listen when they are talking, and engage when they are learning (they are watching you more than you know). I love when Pearl does something that she saw me do without me asking or showing her. It's not always rosy but when she kisses me and tells me she loves me, it's all worth while

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